Is your website climate-friendly?

Testing the CO2 emissions for the Next.js version of

I first tested the Next.js version of I had no idea what to expect from it. I knew going in my site was fast and scored pretty well on Lighthouse. I thought’s carbon footprint wouldn’t be too bad.

Testing again with the Astro version of

Recently, I moved from Next.js to Astro. Overall, my experience with Astro was a positive one. It solved some of the issues I had with Next.js and building static sites in it.

Final thoughts

Climate change is one of the greatest crises humanity has ever faced. Whether we realize it or not, we all play a part in helping combat it. I know sometimes our actions feel very small, but they can have a tremendous impact.



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Brock Joseph Herion

Brock Joseph Herion

I am a software developer who love coding in Python, Javascript, and C#. I am a sucker for learning new technologies and tooling to make development easier.